Leo's Pizza

Restaurant story

It is little probable for one to decide to have dinner or lunch in a sport’s complex restaurant, located on a dusty road between hospital and theme park.

Nevertheless in our case the reasons are a lot. The place in question is Leo’s Pizza Trattoria, which since a little more than a month is located in Tennis Complex Maleeva.

We all know of Leo’s Pizza – the place where pasta and pizza are the closest to the real thing.And all that You like or know from Iskar street could be found here as well. There ae over 30 kinds of pizza, offered in whole or half version. The variety of pasta is just as rich – from the most simple with butter and parmigiano to the ones with artichokes, truffle, asparagus and vodka.

What is different now?

The news come with adding the word Trattoria to the restaurant’s name, and with the introduction of a new person : Adalberto Bianchi, Leo’s father, whom everybody calls Pappa. The team of two generations does something very valuable : Leo is responsible for the pizzas an the pasta and is driven by his desire to experiment and take them to new places. Senior Bianchi introduces the classic old rural and regional meal, the ones that are to greater extend representative of the Italian cuisine than the long ago internationalized pizza and pasta.  This is important to mention, not because it is some kind of in house stories from the kitchen.First because it is a family business, as is the case with most real Italian restaurants, and second because in Bulgaria there are few people that visit a certain restaurant just for the one who cooks ( save for the case when it is their cousin) . In most cases the owners and the visitors are the ones that are know, leaving the most important person in the dark. And it is time for him to be taken on the stage.

In his winter menu Pappa has included Melanzane alla Parmigiana – roasted eggplants with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmigiano.  The chef dóuvre from Tuscany Bistecca alla Fiorentina or a serving of 1200 g delivered fresh from Italy meat on hot stone plate.

Trippa alla Romana or tripe in spicy tomato sauce, mint, parmigiano and pecorino.

Hot Brasato with beef knuckle and red wine. For the unpretentious, curious and brave – the ancient  Fagioli con le cotice – beans with pork skins. One of senior Bianchi’s favorite recipes  that You could always order is Brodetto, which is usually prepared from 15 kinds of fish. Here that is difficult to accomplish but anyway a bit version of the meal with less fish is offered.

Papa lives in Bulgaria for more than 22 years. Gracious, frugal in words and blessed with strong adventurous spirit an nerves, after i 1989 decided to leave Ancona to open a restaurant in Burgas. He put every effort imaginable, won many battles and troug all the time managed to source products from Italy – from flour to fish. Despite that to the end clients continued to order mackrel and sprat

This place is not for the kind of people looking for privacy and solitude, but more for companies and families. Here is also for people willing to challenge their stomach, explore the boundaries of taste, even try things they thought at first wouldn’t like. And when the opposite happens they would just say : Mille grazie, Papa!