Leo's Pizza

Restaurant story

leoSpeaking of Leo Bianchi is like telling an old joke – everybody knows it but in a different way. Leo has so many friends that I don’t think there’s somebody in Bulgaria that doesn’t know him. And everybody knows a different feature of Leo. Some remember him for his participation in Big Brother, others know him for his culinary show, third would sing some of his songs and the rest like to visit his restaurants. Just like Leo himself the restaurants are diverse, and each one of them has its own signature style.  The latest place, Il Rustico, which opened just a few month ago, is dedicated to the healthy Italian food. Accommodated in cozy house near the Film Studios, and provided with beautiful garden, it promises to become a favorite place for a light lunch or loud evening meetings with friends. Here they will serve You unforgettable pasta from wholegrain flour, and there are even recipes for vegans. The risotto is silky, prepared with Nano Vialone rice and real bullion. The desserts are different each day, and usually Leo and Stefano try a new recipe at least once a weak. But most impressive of everything in Il Rustico remains pizza. Here it is served not by peace, but  by the meter. The dough is prepared from special flour by a special technology, that takes long hours to make. You can not imagine the flavor, and the tremendous effect caused by the one meter pizza just take out of the oven and sprinkled with fresh rucola  and olive oil. Even if not hungry, one would start gulping.The intent of the team is to present its guests with the highest level of service and truly delicious food prepared with high quality authentic products. Here the mozzarella is Italian, the prosciutto is San Daniele, the olive oil is extra virgin, the buratta is not spared and everything is enclosed in truffle aroma. Leo tells us of the garden in the house in which fruit orchards are planted. Their fruits he would be used to prepare the desserts for the guests. He also intends to create a garden in which beside the herbs and spices, cherry tomatoes and other significant for the Italian cuisine plants are also grown. Besides the wonderful garden Il Rustico also offers kids corner, where the children could have fun and games, while You are having dinner. The restaurant is pet friendly too – Your dog is welcome as well as long as it is well mannered. For the summer days there are comic performance planned to take place in the garden at least twice a week. They would rotate with music themed evening. Leo promised that he wouldn’t be the only one singing.