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Restaurant Story



It is not very probable for someone to have dinner or lunch in some sport complex’s restaurant, located on a dusty road between a hospital and a theme park. Nevertheless in our case You have many reasons to do so. The place in question is Tennis Complex Maleeva, in which since last month is located Leo’s Pizza Trattoria.

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Due to the introduction of fully paid parking within the complex, by a decision independent of us, from 1st of September, Leo’s Pizza & Trattoria’s customers will receive 5% discount after presenting the parking ticket!
*The promotion can be subject to change.
*The discount is not added to other discounts and is applied after 15 minutes of stay.
*The discount in not applied for dishes from the lunch menu.
*The parking payment is made on the pay station, located at the tennis club entrance. (free for 15 minutes and 2 levs per hour after)


02/862 48 19 orĀ 0878 642 824