Leo`s Pizza

Family Story


In 1992 Leo’s brother, Adrio and their father Adalberto come for the first time to Bulgaria, in Burgas. They were invited by Bulgarian family and decide to open an Italian restaurant in Burgas. The reason for that decision is that all that was missing from the beautiful seaside town was an Italian restaurant. They opened large pizzeria on two stories – on the firs floor there was the pizzeria and on the second a disco. There is also a true Italian Gelateria offering more than 20 flavors of ice cream. The pizzeria, named “Grand Italia” and the Gelateria are the first venues of that kind in Burgas. The amount of people visiting the paces on daily basis up until their closing in 2004 was enormous. Leo and his family manage to present true Italian cuisine to thousands of Bulgarians. Their pizzeria is among the few worldwide that reached preparing more than 700 pizzas a day. The team responsible for these achievements isn’t small either – 6 pizza cooks and 8 waiters per shift.

In 2005 Leo comes to Bulgaria and opens the same place only this time it is in Sozopol. After one season in Sozopol they come back to Burgas for another two years. That same year Leo takes part in Big Brother, which gives him the opportunity to move to Sofia. Two years later all of his family moves from Burgas to the Capital. He decides to take on the family business but with a different modern brand. New logo and corporate identity are build and Leo’s popularity from Big Brother, gives him oppotunity to be easily recognizable and establish on the market quicker. He becomes the new company’s face that promotes itself quite successfully. In 2007 the first pizzeria with the new identity is opened on Iskar street in downtown Sofia. The name of the place is Leo’s Pizza, and the head chef is Leo himself.

Four years later the second pizzeria – Leo’s Pizza Trattoria opened. It is located in Tennis Club Maleevi, and the concept of the restaurant is to accent on the traditional home cooked meals and cuisine. Here pizza is left in the background, and priority is give to the pasta.  The restaurant’s location at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, the beautiful view and the vast opened space around give the guests the opportunity to relax and enjoy the superb food.